Life Assurance & Protection

What do we mean by protection?

“Protection”, in this context, refers to any product designed to protect you, your family, your lifestyle and your home. There are number of options for how this is done so be sure to also check out our general insurance page. 


Do I need protection?

Getting life insurance is not a requirement for getting a mortgage, this does not mean that it’s not something that you should consider. A mortgage is generally the largest sum of money most people would borrow in their lives, having something to protect you and your ability to keep your home is worth considering. Beyond this many people want to ensure that their families are covered in the event of death or serious illness, whether this be due to passing away or being unable to work. Ultimately there is no broker fee for taking out protection with us so it’s always worth having a quick chat and getting some figures, even if only to know your options. As part of any protection review we will look at your specific situation and only discuss protection options that make sense for you.


How can these options protect me or my family?

As the famous saying goes the only things in life we can be certain of is death and taxes. We can’t help with tax advice but we can help with protecting your family.

As mentioned above, a mortgage is a massive sum of money and making sure that you and your family can keep your home and anything else you need to cover can take a big weight off of your shoulders. The worst case scenario is that somebody in the family passes away and the family is forced to move from the home during an already stressful time. The right policy in place can be as low as £5 a month for simple life cover and could ensure that your home is secure. You can also get covered in the event of critical or serious illness (we can discuss the differences over the phone – give us a call!) which could protect you for any number of illnesses that, whilst you can survive them, may take you out of commission for a while. Similarly income protection can potentially ensure your income is covered through to retirement age should you be unable to work due to accident or sickness.


Some reasons to consider getting protection:


  • To ensure your mortgage is paid off in the event of death, critical/serious illness or being unable to work
  • To protect your income the event of death or critical/serious illness as a single payout
  • To protect the main income in the household to ensure your lifestyle isn’t negatively affected when your health is
  • To ensure dependants are financially stable if the worst were to happen
  • To simply leave a sum behind for loved ones
  • If you wish to make your passing easier for those left behind

These are some of the main reasons you may want to take out protection. The real reason to take out any protection policies is to cover whatever it is you feel is important. When we have the protection review you can tell us who you would like to protect and we can discuss which policies can help protect them.

Ultimately if there are any people in your life that would suffer financially from something happening to you, including yourself, then there may be a need there.


Can’t I just do this myself though?

Yes you can. The benefit of having us help is that we can suggest policies that you may not know to look for and tailor the policies to fit to your needs. We have a carefully selected panel of providers designed to provide a full range of protection solutions. This means that we can compare policies from our panel of providers to find the policy that best suits you. We don’t even charge a fee!

Any premiums listed here are estimates only and are based on protection provider’s minimum monthly payment for a healthy individual. The actual premiums vary and will eniterly depend on individual circumstances.

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